The Cave

The Party

  • Ducky
  • Bing Bong
  • Oz
  • Rost
  • Aldo
  • Fenor


As told through Fenor:  Upon entering a dark cave shortly after defeating a Soulspark, the group discusses their next moves as they examine their surroundings.  Inside the cave, all that could be seen was darkened water that led to the unknown.  Oz bravely takes a step into the water and dives down descending into the blackened depths of the opaque water only to return with two globes.  As he had to carry them up one by one, due to their ability to shock him upon touch, Oz attempted to pack them in his sack, not knowing what they were or what they were capable of doing.  


The entire group decided to trust in blind faith and venture down into the water, even though it was hard to see.  Coming up on the other side, the group was able to see four figures in the room guarding a centered piece, later identified as a glowing orb.  Combat initiated after the midnight creatures were charged at by a few of the group, while others stood back, still hesitant to completely enter the room and engage.  Ducky, at this point, started walking across the ceiling and eventually landed on the orb, which didn’t stop the combat, but allowed him to examine the orb.  Combat persisted through several rounds as the creatures were not going down easily, but after a long battle, the group was able to defeat their enemies and examine the orb, which Ducky was sitting on.  


After inspection of the orb it was examined as potentially able to store magic and energy so the group decided to take the orb and find Durandia.  In order to do this they needed to leave the cave and venture towards the border, where she was known to stay.  While the group traveled through the darkness of night they were met by a terribly hostile creature that after getting close enough, was able to be identified as a bone-armor plated lion.  Ducky needed to use his animal language skills to communicate with the creature but it was easily learned he was not interested in being friends, but very interested in eating the group as a snack.  The creature was tough to defeat in combat as Oz and Bing-bong nearly reached their termination, but in the knick of time they were saved by Rost.  


After healing overnight, dawn arose and the group was able to meet up with Durandia, but were not met with praise by her.  Durandia was extremely angered and alerted by the group taking the globes out of the cave water, as they were placed there and around the world in order to decrease their magic potential of destruction.  At this point, the group traveled back to the cave with Durandia and replaced the globes back into the water, but were met by two more soul sparks who had the ability to regenerate health after they were struck in combat.  Durandia stuck around in the background while the group tirelessly battled with the soulsparks until eventually one of them was killed while the other one ran away outside the cave.  

It was decided that now the globes were safely returned, the group wanted to discover the worth of the crystal orb they had obtained at the beginning of their adventure.  Upon returning to town, Aeven is thrilled at the sight of the crystal orb.  “She says it would be a powerful tool for sorting and offers 10,000 gp for it. She also notes that there is about 2,000 in previous metals in the case if you were to scrap it.”  The case the was found, as well, was sold in town after it was revealed to be just raw metals. 


 And that’s where our next chapter begins….


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