Welcome to Aiwan.

This is civilization's last defense. The city was built to be a garrison for the Great North Wall. This is the only way that civilization can be protected from the dangers of the North. Fortunately for the residents of Aiwan the city is a safe place, a place of refuge. Outside the North gate is another story. The land is wild. Monsters roam unchecked. Spirits dwell in the forest. It is said that not even the brave venture out of the North gate, only the foolish. But those are far and few between. 

It has been years since foolish adventurers wandered outside the gate. But the tavern is still filled with outlandish stories about their experiences. The greatest reminder of their adventures is what is left of the great map of the land that they had carved into the top of their favorite table. Unfortunately most of it was destroyed in a bar fight last winter. The bar keep, David, saved what he could but it only shows Aiwan, the Wretched Grove, and Tharil's Tor. David is often heard reminiscing about the good ol' days when Jorel and his hunters would come back from outside the North gate with gold to spend and stories to entertain the tavern's patrons.